"When our Parish Council decided to move ahead with a seven million dollar Building Program that would include new buildings and a major renovation of existing facilities, we were well aware that our choice of an architect would play a paramount role in the successful completion of our project."

"Besides seeking out someone with great vision, knowledge and skill, we knew that this architect had to have the disposition and willingness to work in a collaborative process that would include taking seriously the ideas, thoughts and reactions of parish committee members and hundreds of parishioners."

"The Spirit was indeed working with us when we were introduced to Tinaglia Architects, Inc. From our very first construction committee meeting and throughout the entire two year process of design and building, Mr. James Tinaglia has offered our parish community the very best in design, plans, leadership, resource and service."

"As a parish community we attempt to go the extra step with people in the way we respond to their needs and concerns. We have been truly blessed in our building program to work with an architectural firm that goes the extra mile in responding to our needs with professionalism, integrity, flexibility and great care. If you are looking for an architect with an understanding of what it means to work as a real team, Tinaglia Architects, Inc. is a name you can trust and count on."

Rev. Bernard J. Pietrzak, Pastor

Saint Raymond de Penafort
Mount Prospect, Illinois


"As Co-Directors of St. Raymond De Penafort Church's Revitalization Program in Mt. Prospect, IL, we had the unique and wonderful experience of working with a great group of people in developing and implementing plans for new and renovated facilities for our parish campus. To the parishioners, school faculty and committee members who developed the outline and justification of our needs; to the architect and general contractor working with our parish construction committee, that ultimately developed the design of our facilities, we owe a deep sense of gratitude.

While it was a natural "labor of love" for those of us directly involved in our parish community, it was soon evident that the architectural firm, Tinaglia Design Group and it's Principal, Jim Tinaglia, also embraced the project with the same feeling. Taking our initial "wish list" they developed proposals for a Parish Life Center for athletic, cultural and social events; a Community Gathering Space adjacent to our church; and the renovation, including a second floor addition, of our old auditorium into additional classrooms, library, science lab, computer lab and parish meeting rooms. We were very pleased with their original designs and how they complemented our existing facilities. Jim understood our needs and our obvious financial concerns in taking on this large project. From the time of his proposal, Jim and his staff have met with our construction committee for countless hours in modifying and perfecting the designs as new issues or needs were developed. They also were our principal advocates with Village Officials, keeping them apprised of the project and resolving issues raised. It made for harmonious and supportive relationships with them.

Overall, we can't speak highly enough of the professional and personal qualities of Jim Tinaglia and his firm nor the patience, commitment and support they have given us throughout this project. They are exceptionally easy to work with while maintaining the necessary high level of professional integrity required. We, therefore highly recommend them for any aspect of architectural services."

Robert J. Bush
Thomas E. McGough

St. Raymond De Penafort Parish


"It is a pleasure to work with Tinaglia Architects. I rely on them to get me through often difficult building and zoning requirements. Their thoroughness of construction documentation and knowledge of applicable codes makes this a comfortable process. Jim Tinaglia sets the tone in his  business and his staff follows his personable service and client oriented focus. He treats his customers with respect, and his genuine sense of humor and personal integrity are exceptional. Architecture is an art and a science and Jim just plain gets it."

Mark R. Anderson

Door Properties, LLC


Dear Jim,

It’s not often that I find myself at a loss for words, but the only word I can come up with for how this facility has been transformed is amazing.

The imagination and skill required to redesign and build your vision of what Village Bank & Trust in Mt. Prospect should be-and has become-is something that anyone who travels Northwest Highway through this town will admire for years to come, the inside is even better.

We recently hosted a “Chamber after hours” here with approximately 50 local business people in attendance---we had a lot of “Wows” that evening, but my favorite comment was from another banker-a competitor-who told me that she hopes that “their new building turns out half as nice” as our bank had.  That’s quite a compliment.

Kelle and you have been there for Village Bank throughout this project, making sure that things were done right, and showed the ability to problem-solve quickly-sometimes under difficult circumstances-to insure the best results were obtained.  Those results speak for themselves.

Thanks again for a job well done.

J.E. “Rick” Bowman

Manager-Village Bank & Trust
Mt Prospect, Illinois


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